Gluten Free Demo

by Laughing Stock

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released August 29, 2013



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Laughing Stock Boston, Massachusetts

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Track Name: I am a Laughing Stock
Laughing Stock

Tall and proud, so high and mighty
Even though its more than likely
that while all the tables were quickly turning
all the bridges were slowly burning

-I'm a Laughing Stock
I am a fucking joke
I am the butt of ridicule
I am a Laughing Stock-

Everyone else is moving forward
your 15 minutes are fucking over
haunted by the sounds of laughter
and knowing that you do not matter
Track Name: Stoked on Stress

twitching my eyes and grinding my teeth
tossing and turning i can not sleep
covered in scabs from picking my skin
and tomorow im gonna do it all over again

-heart is pounding i feel it beating, in and out of my chest
turning purple trouble breathing, running out of breath
got me thinking this could be leading, to a cardiac arrest
turning grey my hair's recieding, completely stoked on stress-

body is sore and my head is aching
arms and legs completely shaking
day after day after day after day
nothing i can do will make this, make this go away
Track Name: Glued to the Tube

the doors are locked and the television is on
got the remote control in the grip of my palm
12 hours later im still sitting on the couch
no point in leaving the comfort of my house

-glued to the tube im watching tv, and nothing can get through to me
flipping channels all night long, infomercials to the break of dawn
then comes along the morning news, click click click not much to choose
between watching shows that i dont even like, glued to the tube for the rest of my life-

got invited to a party but im just gonna flake
then my girlfriend tells me "you otta give the tube a break"
so i had to go and tell her that's just something i don't plan to do
and if im gonna take a break from something you better believe it'll be you
Track Name: Wasting Precious Time

-oppurtunities knocking as if i fucking care,
wasting precious time that i was really not looking to spare
ive heard it all before, so whats the fucking use?
wasting precious time on a sorry cheap excuse-

everythings just swell and i just feel ecstatic,
but incase you couldnt tell i was bein a bit sarcastic
everythings a joke but no one else is laughing
please be sure to note, nothings gonna happen

sure i'm being rude and just slightly condescending
but i'm really not in the mood for you to lead me into pretending
that everything's just fine, keep on kidding yourself
wasting precious time i could have been doing something else