Inside Joke

by Laughing Stock

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released November 19, 2015

Released by WWTA Records
Recorded by Adam McNair
Mastered by Trevor Vaughan at Croon Recordings



all rights reserved


Laughing Stock Boston, Massachusetts

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Track Name: Blew It
Completely fucking mortified at the shit that sprays out.
Ma said to "think before you speak, and run your fucking mouth!"
Nothing can get under my skin after all is said and done.
Ya better smoke one down to the filter, when my mouth begins to run.

I totally fucking blew it.
Thats all there really is to it.
Diggin myself deep.
Theres no getting out.
Its all because of me, and my stupid fucking mouth.

I try to shrug it off like it was never a big deal.
But judging by your jaw dropping, I lack a polished zeal.
Its kill or be killed, my mouth seems to do way more harm than good.
i'll just bite my fucking tongue off.
Its for the greater good.

I cant seem to refrain from talking shit.
Refrain from acting like a dick.
I keep on doing things that I regret.
Totally deserve all the shit I get.
Track Name: First World Problems
I could talk to other friends but I'd rather not involve them.
They got more on their minds than my stupid first world problems.
Preaching to the choir and open debate, never seem to resolve them.
Take a step back! I gotta laugh!
Its just my first world problem.

It is what it is, thats all it is.
You let me down, thats all it is.
People ask why I just shut down.
Why I cant stand having you around.
Theres no more friendship to be saved.
You'd rather be dancing on my grave.
I gave a helping hand, to get a face full of dirt.
You're a lying, selfish, petty, jerk!

Its okay, but its not okay.
I cant see how you think we're straight.
You think its cool to just attack.
Embarrass me after I cut you slack.
In reality you just loss touch.
Shoved and pushed all those you could.
Its okay, the jokes lost on me.
You just add insult to injury.
Track Name: HomeSchool Shooting
All the middle class families, are hiding from the birds and bees.
Job opportunities? No minorities.
Sister wont stop bitchin.
Mothers in the fucking kitchen.
Daddies out preaching religion.
Im busy making decisions.

Yeah homeschool shooting.
Gonna go ballistic.
Yeah homeschool shooting
Should of gave me recess!

Todays my day to go "hog mad".
Im in a state of mental health.
Shoot my Mom, shoot my Dad.
Shoot my sister then shoot myself.
Sister wont stop bitching
Mothers in the fucking kitchen.
Daddies out preaching religion.
Im busy making decisions.
Track Name: Inside Joke
Walking down streets stained more than my sheets.
With an awkward look thats fixed at my feet.
Cant face the facts, they offer no relief.
Don't wanna look at the people who pass by me.
Cant face the facts, don't wanna endure.
Don't wanna talk about the years before.
I know what I've seen and thats enough.
The concretes more interesting, its got trash and dead stuff.

Im just laughing at an inside joke.
Some may get it, others wont.
Im just laughing at an inside joke.
Laughing in the face of those who don't.
Get it?

A consoling voice, met with a shit eating grin.
I wouldn't even know where to begin.
A concept based on "us v.s. them".
United? You're gonna make me buy that shit again?
An art project, its lost all its charm.
An ego trip, devoid of harm.
A costume party with strangers in charge,
Victimize yourselves, it wont get you too far.
Track Name: On and On
I know I get it, you cant get what you want.
Its another thing to be out of reach.
Howling for breath, more likely for blood.
zero sympathy.

Seeking those, seeking guidance, begging on their knees.
Hiding behind with trusting blindness, only guarantees.
Crossing lines that were never even drawn.
On and on and on and on and on.
Shrug your shoulders, act like nothings wrong.
On and on and on and on and on.

Biting words
Stares like daggers.
A stench of lies and deceit.
Push all your friends into oncoming traffic,

Hiding behind a code of silence only guarantees,
That those who are willing turn to violence, spreading the disease.
Crossing lines you should of known were drawn.
On and on and on and on and on.
Roll your eyes, still act like nothings wrong.
On and on and on and on and on.

On and ON!
Track Name: Serious Note
You cant cover it up.
Not this time.
We got the casualty lists, to prove we're right.
Holy scriptures and documents, no one can seem to cite.
A foxhole or a pulpit, you lead us all to die!

Tradition is just the shit, we learned to tolerate from last fucking year.
Another asshole THEY voted in.
We all keep silent out of fear.
Walking on glass, staring down the sun.
Hysterical laughter, isn't life fun?
And this is how life will always play out:
Someones boot on your throat.
Or a gun in your mouth.

Predisposition of whole different kind.
Rifles, bibles and a 9 to 5.
Dirty old men who misbehave, covered up by Fox news and the Papal state.
We strain our ears searching for a prophets tongue, that will lead us back to Kingdom fucking come.
Lead the lambs to the slaughter, the innocent will hang.
As his truth is marching on...Wheres my fucking change?!